more lobsters

Jason-the-lobsterman parked in our driveway this afternoon and hauled out a 5-gallon bucket from the back of his truck. Inside the bucket? 6 lobsters! ! !

Today has been a fun-filled day on VH! We unpacked boxes over coffee, went for a run, hit the flea market (no corkscrews), went to a gallery opening, bought Sue a necklace from said gallery, picked up artwork from a previous gallery opening, had wine and apps with friends, discussed the renovation of the old bank building (which we close on in a few days), and then went to a concert!

Tomorrow we hop on our bikes and head for a meeting at the new wind turbine project on the island–they are sort of like giant corkscrews, except they aren’t corkscrew-like, but they do turn…and, wine will be served.

Back on the mainland Monday for a 85 mile bike ride with the lovely to pick up the mini cooper from the shop (little car, long story, BIG bill).

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