no major corkscrew news

It has been a slow corkscrew news day, but other activities have been filling our time.

This morning we hopped on the bikes and pedaled out to the new wind turbine project on the island. With the three turbines in place and running by September, the island will be able to generate enough electricity for all the residents, and be able to sell the excess to the mainland. Very cool!

Following our return ride, we meandered out to Lane’s Island to hike around the rocks–and pick up some seawater–an important ingredient when steaming the 6 lobster which made their way into the pot, shortly after our return from the aforementioned meandering.

And, now we are preparing for our bike ride tomorrow; 70 miles down the coast!!! There will be some corkscrewteering involved!

On another note, there was an interesting twist to our most recent trip from the mainland. Word must have gotten out that there were corkscrews aboard, and ships suddenly came out of no where. Could these be the ships of the infamous Black Beard Borrett? We were fortunate to get away unscathed!

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