70 miles

On my way down to Brimfield last week, the mini stopped running! And, after a few phone calls, I came to find out that the closest shop that could replace a transmission/clutch on it was in Freeport, Maine–a mere 60 + miles from where the car had broken down.

A tow truck was called, and soon enough, I was indeed heading to Brimfield, but with an alternate mode of transportation!

After getting the car to the shop–and paying the tow truck guy–I arranged for a rental car and made it down for some corkscrewing at Brimfield.

The car got fixed, and we decided to go pick it up yesterday. And, the conversation kind of went like this:

Josef: So, why don’t I just hop on my bike, take it across on the boat, and ride down to pick up the car?

Sue: Sounds good, why don’t I ride down there with you?

And, so yesterday we grabbed the road bikes, and headed down the coast of Maine.

Coffee at mile 34.2 was mandatory!

Did I mention that there are some hills???

We did make it down to our destination, quickly dismantled the bikes and put them into the back of the mini, paid the bill, and started driving the opposite direction to catch the last boat to the island. 70 miles, beautiful scenery! No corkscrew finds, but a fantastic day!