Adding to the Syroco Collection

I was contacted the other day by a person who bought a few items from the Syracuse Ornamental Company at the closing sale of the factory. And, he/she did have some nice items. A few salesman samples (heads missing the corkscrew), and more exciting to me, the artist rendering of the new factory when it was built. No, there isn’t a corkscrew pictured in the painting, but it is an interesting piece of Syroco history that will definitely make the webpage when it arrives; and the book, should I ever get around to publishing one.

It is a fairly large piece 33 X 21, and I don’t know if it will find itself hanging in the VH house, but how could I refuse!!! And, it did come with the aforementioned salesman samples…

I am also working on my ICCA auction listings for the upcoming meeting. I am only putting in 6 pieces for the auction at the meeting, but will also be bringing along a bunch of other stuff for the buy and sell (at both the CCCC and ICCA). The meetings are rapidly approaching, who all is going???

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