London, Fairchild, Gundlach, and a Duathlon

Sue booked our flights for the London trip today. It looks like we will be flying in on the 20th, and leaving on the 3rd. So, we will have a few days before and after the meetings to tour around, look for corkscrews, and share a pint or two with CB and PB.

there have been some nice corkscrews online as of late. A 14K gold Fairchild with a 675 or best offer ended up going for 435, a rusty Gundlach (Frary corkscrew) went to RL for a sweet price of 250, and there is a nice Vallandingham patent listed (okay, that one is mine, but it is a good cork puller!).

Today we are laying relatively low–not hard to do in Vinalhaven–as tomorrow we are both running/riding in a duathlon. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, as it has gone from beautiful to pouring to beautiful to pouring over the last few days. We will hope for a nice morning…heck, it can rain AFTER the race.

News of the race, and any corkscrew scores tomorrow!

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