6 degrees of corkscrewing kevin bacon…

No Kevin Bacons were harmed during this blog

So… I get an email from Tommy the other day which shared a bit of information. In his email he explained that he had a sterling roundlet which RL was interested in, and he offered an American patent and perhaps a player to be named later.

Then, I got a voicemail from Mark, who explained that in his travels he found a really nice French direct pull corkscrew.

After that, I got a phone call from Robert, saying he was working a deal with Tommy, but was also after something Mark had found, that would help him solidify the aforemetioned deal with Tommy.

While, I am not directly part of the dealings, it seems that Tommy has a piece that Robert wants. Robert has a piece that Tommy wants. Mark has a piece that Robert can utilize in facilitating the deal with Tommy. And, surely Mark will be netting out something as well.

As for me, I am pleased with my recent score… Nothing spectacular, but it comes with a box. Actually, the box is more impressive the the corkscrews inside!!!

As far as news from the island goes, and our ongoing adventure there, today we got our Maine drivers licenses!!! Woo hoooo!