Island Delivery

Not so long ago, as mentioned in the blog, I had purchased a vintage architectural rendering of the Syroco factory. And, today after a run around the island (not literally around, but we did put in a few miles) we returned to see a UPS slip next to the front door.

For those who can’t make it out, it reads CAR scrawled across the UPS note. We glanced over at the Xterra in the driveway, and there was ANOTHER! UPS sticker.

Okay… well, I guess one must do what one must do when delivering to an island. So… I open the door to the car, and…

I guess it pays living somewhere where you don’t have to lock your car.

After a little unpacking, the rendering was unveiled. A neat piece for the ongoing syroco collection, although if the right offer came along, it may head somewhere else!

Interestingly enough, the lovely received a package as well. This time, it arrived via fedex, and the driver didn’t even knock, just opened the door placed the item inside, and said, "package for you!" Quite the friendly place… : )