32 Main

For those who haven’t heard, the lovely and I recently made an offer–which was subsequently accepted–on a commercial building on Main street on Vinalhaven.

What the building will become, we really don’t know yet; although rumors on the island have us opening a gallery, event space, wine shop, antique store, and several other businesses. The wine store is intriguing but, one already exists on the island–as does the gallery, event space, etc., So, for now, we are simply going to renovate and bring the place back to its original glory.

This will require a fair amount of work, thought, work, and a couple of pints–probably more than a couple!

One of the obstacles to completing the renovation is that there is a vault in the middle of the building. No–there were no corkscrews or money inside… but, I am still hoping : )

The view from the back is pretty spectacular (btw).

I will update the progress on the building here on the blog. But, no worries, corkscrew news will still be the focus. Speaking of, there have been some nice pieces online as of late…the latest, a hootch owl has been listed.

And, the countdown has begun for the CCCC/ICCA meetings in London. I am packing up corkscrews next week to take across. What will be for sale and trade you ask? Thus far, an embossed barrel perpetual, 1895 brown patent, german duckbill, hicks and reynolds, several german folding pieces, edward zinn patent, king’s screw, a couple of thomasons, and a few other interesting rarities…