shaving mugs, island auction, and heading to Boston

the lovely and I will be heading to Boston in a couple of hours, and we will be mostly offline for a few days. Updates will follow.

Yesterday was the eldercare auction here on Vinalhaven, and there were plenty of lots up for purchase. The lovely did her part by waving her paddle multiple times, and we ended up with a morso woodstove, oak french door (for the new building), membership at the farnsworth museum, cool retro end table, a night’s stay at the tidewater, and a few other items.

I would have bid as well, but I was one of the people hoisting up the items for the auction. There were NO CORKSCREWS!!!, still it was a great time for a great cause.

Just prior to the auction there was also a tag sale in benefit of the same organization, and I picked up three shaving mugs–not that I actually collect this type of thing, but they are each an interesting part of Vinalhaven history, as one is marked GAR for the Grand Army of the Republic (the building is now Robert Indiana’s house on the island); the G.A.R. were union veterans of the civil war.

The second two look similar, but one has the name J. G. Carlon painted across it (haven’t figured out who he was yet) but the one that came with it has a Knights of Pythias coat of arms and the name C.A. Pendleton painted on it, The Knights of Pythias building is actually next door to the building we just bought.

More news to follow (there may even be a corkscrew involved).