I hopped on the early boat this morning, as I needed to bring the mini back to the mainland. And, after running a couple of errands, I was headed back to the island on the one o’clock boat.

First stop after getting back on the island, was dropping the kitties (Farrow and Jackson) back at the house. Stop two, the post office! And, in amongst our new drivers licenses, movies from netflix, and misc bills, were three packages!

Package 1, was a present from Mark Woodard. He had emailed last week, explaining he found a corkscrew that he wanted to give to us. He wouldn’t tell us what it was, but after opening it up, it definitely has a link to Vinalhaven.

A bar spoon you ask??? Well, if you look closely at the spoon itself, it makes a lot of sense! Lobsters=Vinalhaven! Thanks Mark!!!

Package 2, was a smallish brown envelope, and upon opening it up, I was quite pleased. A lovely German Duckbill. I had wondered if this would arrive in time for the CCCC/ICCA meetings. And, it did!

Package 3 was much anticipated. As previously mentioned, I picked up a Tucker Patent at an offline auction–via absentee bid. And, it arrived! It is marked! The very tip of the worm is missing, but it is very minor. And, it is a great looking piece. I have yet to decide whether it stays in the collection, or if it will be sold to the highest bidder/offer-er.

Fun packages all!!!