Converse, Port Clyde, and packing up for London

As the story goes, 8 years ago, while we were living in Chicago, there was an estate sale not too far from our house. I headed over after running a couple of errands and perused what was available for sale. Having not found anything corkscrew related, I headed to the basement. Some misc tools, a couple of full tool boxes, and a lawn mower–on my way out, I decided to look at the tool boxes themselves, and what should I find, but a perfectly mint 1899 converse patent cork puller. At that time, it was the first one I had ever had.

I walked over to the person manning the door, to ask him how much for the prongs, to which he responded (with a whisper) just put it in your pocket and "have a good day." Free!!! Who doesn’t like free antique corkscrews???

And, I still have that Converse, although I have had many others since then–some with advertising. But, there is one version of the Converse I have wanted for some time; the Sterling handled one. Well, as luck (and a healthy snipe) would have it, I have finally acquired one. It won’t arrive until we get back from London, but it will be a nice little homecoming gift just waiting in the p.o. box.

The last few blogless days were spent in Port Clyde with our friends.

We spent most of the time on their boat, and even headed off to a small island where we made lobster and crab rolls

(and consumed beer and wine). That was followed by a dinner of lobster fra diavolo!

And, in a few hours the lovely and I head down to Boston for a day before we head to the airport for London. Corkscrews will be the theme of the next week or so, and probably even for the second week we are there. See you all there!

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