founder’s supper

The lovely and I arrived in London yesterday morning, and after training it into the city, walked a couple of miles to our hotel with suitcases and backpack in tow. We made it to the hotel, and after dropping our bags there, went for a walk around the Marleybone area–adjacent to the hotel. It is an area that we hadn’t spent time in before, and we made note of the various restaurants that we would like to try later in the week.

A short while later, our room was ready at the hotel, as was the box of corkscrews I had previously sent. I was somewhat relieved that they had made it unscathed. At this point we had already run into several meeting attendees in the lobby, we said our hellos, and then ran off to find lunch.

We decided to grabs some snacks, and take a break back in our hotel room

After lunch, and some more meandering around, we started to get ready for the founder’s supper–no, not the founders of the CCCC, but the official Corkscrewteers Founder’s Supper. With food and drink (a bottle of Grange) supplied by Chris and Deborah, Peter, Sue and I made our way over to the house, and a good time was had by all. The conversation flowed, the food was fabulous, and the wines were wonderful.

After dinner, Peter dropped us off at the train station, and we headed back to the hotel.

Tonight is the reception for the CCCC meeting, and there are many people already hitting the bar and discussing tomorrow’s adventure to Portabello, the buy and sell, and the corkscrew auctions to follow.

News and Photos following each event; stay tuned.

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