CCCC AGM –and the ICCA Begins

The CCCC (Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club) Annual meeting was a blast; great corkscrew conversations and unbelievable corkscrews to purchase (and trade). It was a wonderful time to reunite with old friends–and meet for the first time a couple of longtime e-corkscrewers.

During the buy and sell, I sold many, and bought none. I don’t know how that happened, but I am sure I will make up for it this coming week. Prior to the buy and sell, the lovely and I hit Portabello Road (with several other attendees) and there were countless pieces to purchase. I passed on a Twigg hidden underneath a table (with a high price) but did pick up a Lund rack with bone handle. Also, there were some little things; figural elephant, carriage key roundlet, etc.

But, back to the buy and sell at the meeting. If there was a rare corkscrew that you wanted, there was one available. Signed Henshalls, royal clubs, rare German mechanicals, Robert Jones’, Thomason variants… it was like being a kid in a candy store. Of course, knowing that the Ellis auction was coming up, there were even more corkscrews to purchase!!!

At the members auction, I did pick up a couple of nice things–pictures later. And, at the Ellis auction, I bid, and bid, and bid, and still didn’t win. Note to self; you need to have an increased corkscrew budget!

Dinner that night was at the RAF club, and a fabulous time was had by all.

The following morning was the AGM where appropriate kudos were given to the hosts, a brief overview was given regarding the Boston 2010 meeting, and the locale (Cologne, Germany) was decided upon for 2011.

Of all the events over the weekend, one of the most touching was the Mavis Watney awards. Mavis awarded each recipient (authors of corkscrew books) a medal which was very nice, but hearing some of the reactions and quiet side conversations about the late Bernard Watney really said much about his impact on the various collector/authors in attendance.

Last night we moved to our new hotel–which is fabulous btw–and, the ICCA events begin. Pictures will be added later (corkscrews and otherwise).

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