and the adventures continue (still without a camera)

The ICCA adventures continued yesterday; Windsor Castle, Salisbury Cathedral*, Stonehenge, and dinner at the Hind’s Head in Bray. A long day filled with laughter, a few corkscrews, and a joke or two.

*While we were supposed to be boarding the coach for the next stop, I spotted an antique shop on the corner and headed over quickly–followed by another ICCA’er. I did keep an eye on the bus to make sure they weren’t ready to leave, and darted inside. I made a quick scan of the cases, while my partner in crime asked for corkscrews at the desk. The clerk explained that she didn’t know of any, but I did see a small perfume. Nothing exciting, the small corkscrew was left behind, as we hightailed it back to the bus.

This morning starts with a trip to the London Eye, lunch at Champagne Charlies, and then the meeting begins. The AGM, Buy and Sell, and Auction; who knows what will turn up?

Still no camera…