Gala, Corkscrew Sales, the end of the meetings, and the Henshall plaque.

Last night the ICCA’ers started the morning at the London Eye, which was followed by lunch at Champagne Charlie’s. After a brief bus ride, we were back at the hotel and preparations for the auction/buy and sell were fast and furious. I managed to sell 6 of the 7 items that I brought for the sale, and I actually bought something!

Following the auction, we had the annual AGM. This was followed by a quick costume change (we didn’t actually wear costumes) as we were heading for a boat ride on the Thames where we would have the ICCA punch (this is always prepared by a member designated the previous year in a punch bowl decorated with corkscrews). This year it was Pimm’s, Champagne, and a little bit of fruit, it was quite yummy.

The punch was followed by dinner, dancing, and a return back to the hotel (which was followed by several of us ending up in the bar).

And, so the meeting is officially over. We will stay in London for the next week or so, and hopefully we will manage to pick up a corkscrew or two. It has been a great time with lots of old friends, and some new ones as well.

We have given up the search for the camera, and will go pick up another one. So…perhaps, there will be pictures soon–although they won’t be of the meeting itself.

On another corkscrew note, it seems the Reverend Henshall continues to make news…
check it out!

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