the adventures continue–these involve a wildebeest

The last couple of days have been a blast. We departed the ICCA hotel, and headed towards London Victoria Station, as this would be a good locale for the next few days.

Before we changed hotels (still located in the Marylebone area) we had discovered Blandford Street; a couple of blocks which had several restaurants worth trying. And, we did get to eat at three of them. Of the three, my personal favorite was "M", where I had decided to try the Wildebeest filet for dinner. It arrived, and I was NOT disappointed. YUM!

Please, all vegetarian members avert your eyes

Yesterday we hopped on a train to meet up with CB and Deborah. Their house is charming, their gardens lovely, and the corkscrews were plentiful. Interestingly, as the cases of corkscrews came out, I saw several that used to be in my collection. Oh, the ones that got away.

Lunch was at a local pub–walking distance from their place

This was followed by a trip to Alf’s house, followed by a brisk walk to the shore, and fish and chips!

Today we are off on a walking adventure–more later!

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