ardingly, star sightings, and other adventures

This morning, I hopped on a train and met up with Steven and Peter, and after a quick drive we were at Ardingly for the antiques fair. What would we find? Oh, the corkscrew pavlovian juices were flowing!!!

After paying to get in, we split up, and planned on meeting back together at noon. By the third booth, I had found a corkscrew–a tangent lever. I passed on it given the price, but then there were more corkscrews… And, more corkscrews… And, more corkscrews…

I did manage to pick up a couple to take home. Oddly enough, one looks to be a murphy button with a stag handle–with sterling. Although, it could be a walker button.

Also, I picked up a nice little registered waiter’s corkscrew, a clough advertising corkscrew, and a miniature swedish barrel knife–destined for ebay!

Not a whole lot of affordable (or expensive) treasures, so the highlight was definitely lunch! Steven (the newest corkscrewteer) Peter, Fletcher Wallis (henceforth Wally) and myself sat around drinking, eating, and sharing corkscrew stories.

Following lunch (and a lengthy photoshoot arranged by Peter) we went back to the train station where Wally and I hopped the train back to London.

Shortly after getting back to the hotel, the lovely and I headed off for a glass of wine. On our way, we ran into Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach; they opted not to join us.