back home–albeit momentarily

The lovely and I got back to the island yesterday, and had a stack of mail waiting for us. And, in amongst the magazines, offers to refinance, bills, and junk mail was a package. Yes, only one! But that one contained the sterling converse.

It is a fantastic looking corkpuller, and there are no dents whatsoever on the sheath. It is marked on the handle STERLING 2206 with an S in a Shield for Simons Bros.

And, it is also marked with the patent date of "PAT. MAY 9, 99"

Definitely one that will stay in the collection!

I leave on Monday for Brimfield, hopefully this show will net out some great finds.

More news later, and pictures of London corkscrews when they arrive in the mail–we thought it better to mail them then try and keep them in our bags…!