Brimfield Day One

Mark and I hit the road this morning at 4 am. Yes, 4!!! And, we still weren’t the first corkscrew collector in attendance at Brimfield. Still, we made our ways through the darkness; shining spotlights on corkscrewless cases inside corkscrewless booths.

As daybreak arrived, we ran into BT who hadn’t, at that moment, picked up anything of note. It seemed that while the buyers were already out and about–there were more than the three of us–the dealers had decided to sleep in.

Soon enough however, there were some corkscrews found. And, at our appointed meeting time–while still waiting for other fields to open, corkscrew finds were shown. Mark had picked up a nice advertising knife, Barry a couple of nice pieces, and me…well, I had yet to crack my wallet.

That soon would change (cue the exciting corkscrew find music)

That would be foreshadowing, can’t you feel the tension???

As it happened, Mark and Barry had headed off in various directions, and I was meandering through the aisles of dealers when I received text from RL, which read, "awfully quiet out there." It was clear he was wondering why no great finds had been made.

But, within seconds of receiving his text, I happened upon a booth, and glanced at a box on the ground. A beat up box, filled with various cast offs not worthy of being placed on the dealer’s table. I hesitated, as I thought I saw a bow corkscrew.

It was a bow, but not a normal bow. I reached down, picked it up, and asked for the price. I expected it to be about 20 or so. And, she simply said, "oh… five dollars."

And, so money exchanged hands, and the corkscrew tucked away.

Not bad for a fiver : )

I did manage a couple of other pieces over the course of the day; a colonial crafts pig, interesting bottle opener, and sterling flask with corkscrew

And, there were other finds. KC picked up a metal handled Curley for about 40 bucks, and there were many finds that BT made. And, then there was Mark, who had to make multiple trips back to the car to empty out his backpack after the myriad of purchases–one of which was a Quick and Easy barmount corkscrew.

News of tomorrow’s events tomorrow!