Brimfield days 2 and 3

Well, it has been a whirlwind. Yesterday, Mark and I headed down to Brimfield together, and did manage to pick up several corkscrews; an interesting (and possibly rare) variation of the 1885 Haff Patent, a Tusk with Sterling ends and rivets (marked for John Hasselbring), an interesting direct pull, and an alligator sheath corkscrew.

The Haff piece is interesting as it has a handle that looks similar to the Williamson roundlet, but is clearly pinned on either side of the handle, and does not have any patent information on the ends as a Williamson would have. That said, it is not the typical metal handled patent as the ends are rounded. An interesting variation–more on this as I do research.

The lovely arrived in town last night, and Mark, Sue and I went to Kouzina for dinner–YUM!

This morning, we all headed down for day three. And, whilst walking the fields corkscrews were there to be found. Shortly after hitting the second aisle of booths, I picked up an Anheuser Busch Knife–missing the stanhope : )

And, within seconds an interesting bakelite german thing.

We also ran into Andre, and said hello. And, shortly thereafter the lovely picked up a couple of corkscrews–not from Andre. A flash and a sterling sheath.

All in all, a great three days!

On a side note. When Mark and I first got here, we headed to the bar and struck up conversation with the bartender "Mike." We talked about hitting Brimfield looking for corkscrews, and he mentioned that he collected cocktail shakers–an appropriate collectible given his profession. So, we mentioned the napier miniature shaker, and told him we would try and find one for him. So by day two, one was discovered, and Mark and I did try and present it to him over the last couple of days–but he was not working. So, today, over a couple of glasses of wine, the lovely and I gave him the shaker, as Mark had already started the drive home. Mike was thrilled. I think he couldn’t believe that we would actually find the shaker, let alone simply give it to him. He definitely was a happy collector/bartender.

We head back to Maine in the morning. More corkscrew and other news to follow!