the Vinalhaven-ers descend on NEBO

The other day, Phil (our neighbor), asked if we would like to join a small group going to Nebo Lodge for dinner. Having had a fabulous time our last time there, we readily agreed.

So, yesterday we all climbed into a van, and drove to the end of North Haven Road. Where we ran into a couple more Vinalhaven folk who would be joining us.

After a couple of minutes, a small skiff arrived, and 5 of the 10 of us, were shuttled across. 10 more minutes, and it was our turn.

As it happened, the lovely sister in law (and two of her friends) were also going to be dining at Nebo that night. And, we saw them walking up to the restaurant. And, shortly after being seated, another group of Vinalhaven folk wandered in.

Given the size of the island upon which we live, we actually had a fair percentage of the population celebrating, toasting, commiserating, indulging, and consuming large amounts of oysters–it is oyster week after all!

It was a fabulous meal, with great company and conversation. And, after a quick boat ride back to the end of North Haven road, followed by a cozy van ride back to "…Carver street and surrounding outside environs…" we were all back home.

This morning, we hopped the morning boat,

and headed across to the mainland for a couple of appointments, a drive down the coast, a visit to Montsweag Flea Market, and a drive back up the coast, followed by the afternoon boat.

No corkscrews were found at Montsweag, but maybe next time!

On that note, today is talk like a pirate day. And, so it is with a hearty ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! I sign off until tomorrow.