best 6!

First of all… BOOOOOOO!!!!! (it is Halloween after all)

I just submitted the Best 6 to the Quarterly Worme… It was another tough choice of what made the list.

But, after much deliberation, these are the best 6 for 2009.

1. 1867 William C. McGill Patent (# 61,080) corkscrew; unmarked.  (see O’Leary, 1996: 34).

2. 1885 Marshall Wier Patent (# 330,357) corkscrew marked PAT. NOV. 10, 1885. PEERLESS.  (see O’Leary, 1996: 72).

3. 1876 Francis T. Witte Patent (# 171,752) corkscrew; marked, "JAN. 04, 76."   The patent explains "The combinations of an efficient cork-screw adapted to be attached to a key ring, and thus carried on the person without danger of loss, has never before been known. My invention is intended to supply this want.” (see O’Leary, 1996: 186).

4. Singleton Bow Corkscrew, marked SINGLETON (see Peters and Giulian, 2006: 86, Giulian, 1995: 81).

5. 1884 Joshua Barnes Patent (# 299,100) Bow Corkscrew; marked "May 27.84." (see Peters and Giulian, 2006: 113-114).

6. Aston Bottling Co. cork grips, corkscrew, and Codd marble pusher.  (see Ellis and Ellis, 2009: 176)

laptop is back!

I got back to the island a few hours ago with the laptop. And, it is even fixed!

On a corkscrew note the aforementioned double helix corkscrew arrived. So here are the latest Clough additions!; the hanging advertisement and the double helix advertisement!

Neither of these will be making the best 6 of the year mind you. Although, the hanging advertisement did almost make it.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow of the official best 6 for 2009! And, then we can start working on next year’s best 6!!!!

laptop fixed!

The laptop is officially fixed! Unfortunately, picking it up requires an hour and fifteen minute boat ride, 2 hour drive down, 2 hour drive back, and an hour and fifteen minute boat ride back to the island. So, I will make the trek to pick it up tomorrow.

Today will dedicated to be jackhammering the ceiling of the vault. Three walls are down, and the ceiling/roof is 1/3 of the way demolished. I am thinking that with a big effort today, and some additional work on Monday/Tuesday the brick part of the vault that is currently accessible will be completely gone. Then, we move on to using a torch to cut out the steel insert! What fun that will be!!!

On a corkscrew note, there have been some arrivals as of late. Here are a couple of pictures:

There is also an interesting double helix clough on the way; one with an advertising handle. And, a folding rooster!

More news to follow, and remember that best 6’s are due to Sal at (if you are a member of the CCCC) in two days!!!

I’m NOT ignoring you!

For anyone who regularly (or irregularly) reads this blog, I am not ignoring my duties to the corkscrewing world. My laptop was recently taken to the shop to get a new logic board. What a logic board does, is beyond me, but apparently it is important in the functioning of one’s computer, and mine wasn’t either logical or functional.

So, I will try and catch up on the last week or so with news and pictures tomorrow. This will be done with the old laptop which also has issues, and has the occasion to shut down whilst one is typing–a bit irritating to say the least.

More tomorrow, if the old laptop holds out.

laptop issues continue (and I found a corkscrew)

The screen on the laptop is making it increasingly difficult to use. It will be heading to the apple store on Monday in Portland, when we get back to Maine. Hopefully the time it takes to fix will be brief!!!

On a corkscrewing note, there is an antique mall in Long Beach, CA on PCH (thats Pacific Coast Highway, for those who aren’t from here). And although I have walked through that mall practically every time I have been here over the last 10 years, corkscrews have rarely been seen.

So, I made my way to the antique mall, not expecting to find a corkscrew, but it is a mandatory stop. As you never know what might turn up. And, as luck would have it. There WAS a corkscrew. Not a Tucker, Sperry, or Golden Knight, just a simple advertising corkscrew. But, at least there was one!

On the best 6 front, the deadline for the CCCC best 6 submittals is rapidly approaching (October 31st or so). And, I am close to having mine done. This computer issue may throw a wrench into the works, but I should be able to put it together in time for publication. I am still working on which corkscrew will be added to the 5 already selected. Until then, here are the best 5 of 6.

McGill, Peerless, Witte Patent, Barnes bow without hooks, and Aston Bottling gripper with folding corkscrew–the 6th? It could be a Gundlach, possibly a Singleton bow, perhaps another Frary corkscrew… it is a tough choice!

laptop issues, golf, and a corkscrew!

Over the last couple of days, the new macbook has been having issues. For some reason the screen is fading out until there is barely anything visible. It comes and goes, but looks like it needs to be heading in for some repairs. (thank goodness for warranties!).

The trip to California has been fantastic thus far. Wine, Golf, Wine, Friends and Family, Wine!

As far as golf goes, I haven’t picked up a club in some time, so I borrowed a set, and hit the links on Sunday. After a few minutes on the driving range, the outlook was NOT good. I have a feeling too much jackhammering may have had something to do with this.

After 50 balls or so, I finally hit a couple straight, just in time to head for the tee box. And, it suffices to say, that it wasn’t very pretty; until we made the turn… Suddenly, the drives were straight, the irons were solid, and the putts were being made.

Note to self; less time with a jackhammer, more time with golf clubs…

On a corkscrew note, I did manage to pick something up today.

Blaze and Round the Mountain Road

On the island there is a lumber yard which is run by some great people, and which is also inhabited by Blaze–the black lab. Blaze is a large dog–not so far removed from puppy-hood–who definitely adds credence to the warning sign on the door, "BEWARE OF THE DOG."

Well, maybe BEWARE is an overstatement. Perhaps the sign should read, "BEWARE OF THE DOG, AS HE WANTS TO PLAY FETCH (inside the store)"

He is adorable, and a highlight of buying tools and supplies at the lumberyard.

Speaking of buying lumber and such, there is big news on the island. The lovely bride and I just purchased another home.

This should provide ample space for visitors, and it has water views and water access.

The paperwork has been signed, and we will work through all the building inspections in the coming weeks. Which room will be the "corkscrew" room has yet to be determined, but we will work that out soon enough.

missing Witte, Whiskey Clough, and vault updates

Okay… so, I brought the Francis Witte patent corkscrew with me to John and Martha’s cabin on Seneca Lake. And, as it happened, I tossed it into my suitcase (with several other corkscrews) the day before we left. And, somehow between the cabin, the suitcase, the car, the hotel, and our house in Maine, the corkscrew went missing!!!

This morning, after having ripped apart the suitcases a dozen times, checked the mini twice, called the hotel we stayed in on the way back from NY twice, John and Martha having the cabin searched–even the fireplace!!! (which was way beyond the call of duty)… The Witte patent corkscrew was determined lost!

And, then, the lovely bride suggested I check another bag we had with us. I had searched said bag at least half a dozen times, but I figured, "why not." In a very small pocket deep in the corner, obscured by a few other items, the Witte patent was found!!! Hurrah!!!!!!

On the heels of that discovery, a cool clough corkscrew was added to the collection today.

While it looks like a simple wire corkscrew, it has an advertising tab attached. I have never had one of these before, and it will be a great addition!

As far as the demolition of the bank vault, we are now halfway done. The new jackhammer was definitely worth the price!!!