missing Witte, Whiskey Clough, and vault updates

Okay… so, I brought the Francis Witte patent corkscrew with me to John and Martha’s cabin on Seneca Lake. And, as it happened, I tossed it into my suitcase (with several other corkscrews) the day before we left. And, somehow between the cabin, the suitcase, the car, the hotel, and our house in Maine, the corkscrew went missing!!!

This morning, after having ripped apart the suitcases a dozen times, checked the mini twice, called the hotel we stayed in on the way back from NY twice, John and Martha having the cabin searched–even the fireplace!!! (which was way beyond the call of duty)… The Witte patent corkscrew was determined lost!

And, then, the lovely bride suggested I check another bag we had with us. I had searched said bag at least half a dozen times, but I figured, "why not." In a very small pocket deep in the corner, obscured by a few other items, the Witte patent was found!!! Hurrah!!!!!!

On the heels of that discovery, a cool clough corkscrew was added to the collection today.

While it looks like a simple wire corkscrew, it has an advertising tab attached. I have never had one of these before, and it will be a great addition!

As far as the demolition of the bank vault, we are now halfway done. The new jackhammer was definitely worth the price!!!

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