Blaze and Round the Mountain Road

On the island there is a lumber yard which is run by some great people, and which is also inhabited by Blaze–the black lab. Blaze is a large dog–not so far removed from puppy-hood–who definitely adds credence to the warning sign on the door, "BEWARE OF THE DOG."

Well, maybe BEWARE is an overstatement. Perhaps the sign should read, "BEWARE OF THE DOG, AS HE WANTS TO PLAY FETCH (inside the store)"

He is adorable, and a highlight of buying tools and supplies at the lumberyard.

Speaking of buying lumber and such, there is big news on the island. The lovely bride and I just purchased another home.

This should provide ample space for visitors, and it has water views and water access.

The paperwork has been signed, and we will work through all the building inspections in the coming weeks. Which room will be the "corkscrew" room has yet to be determined, but we will work that out soon enough.