laptop fixed!

The laptop is officially fixed! Unfortunately, picking it up requires an hour and fifteen minute boat ride, 2 hour drive down, 2 hour drive back, and an hour and fifteen minute boat ride back to the island. So, I will make the trek to pick it up tomorrow.

Today will dedicated to be jackhammering the ceiling of the vault. Three walls are down, and the ceiling/roof is 1/3 of the way demolished. I am thinking that with a big effort today, and some additional work on Monday/Tuesday the brick part of the vault that is currently accessible will be completely gone. Then, we move on to using a torch to cut out the steel insert! What fun that will be!!!

On a corkscrew note, there have been some arrivals as of late. Here are a couple of pictures:

There is also an interesting double helix clough on the way; one with an advertising handle. And, a folding rooster!

More news to follow, and remember that best 6’s are due to Sal at (if you are a member of the CCCC) in two days!!!

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