best 6!

First of all… BOOOOOOO!!!!! (it is Halloween after all)

I just submitted the Best 6 to the Quarterly Worme… It was another tough choice of what made the list.

But, after much deliberation, these are the best 6 for 2009.

1. 1867 William C. McGill Patent (# 61,080) corkscrew; unmarked.  (see O’Leary, 1996: 34).

2. 1885 Marshall Wier Patent (# 330,357) corkscrew marked PAT. NOV. 10, 1885. PEERLESS.  (see O’Leary, 1996: 72).

3. 1876 Francis T. Witte Patent (# 171,752) corkscrew; marked, "JAN. 04, 76."   The patent explains "The combinations of an efficient cork-screw adapted to be attached to a key ring, and thus carried on the person without danger of loss, has never before been known. My invention is intended to supply this want.” (see O’Leary, 1996: 186).

4. Singleton Bow Corkscrew, marked SINGLETON (see Peters and Giulian, 2006: 86, Giulian, 1995: 81).

5. 1884 Joshua Barnes Patent (# 299,100) Bow Corkscrew; marked "May 27.84." (see Peters and Giulian, 2006: 113-114).

6. Aston Bottling Co. cork grips, corkscrew, and Codd marble pusher.  (see Ellis and Ellis, 2009: 176)

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