Silver Spoons

Okay, please all hum along with the theme from the 1980’s sitcom starring Ricky Schroder. If you would rather sing along, it went something like this:

Here we are, face to face
A couple of Silver Spoons.
Hopin’ to find, we’re two of a kind
Making a go, making it grow.

Together, we’re going to find our way.
Together, taking the time each day.
To learn all about those things you just can’t buy.

Two Silver spoons together.
You and I together (We’re going to find our way)
You and I together (We’re going to find our way)
You and I together.

No, I haven’t gone round the bend, I just happened to pick up a silver spoon corkscrew today, and figured the song was somewhat appropriate… : )

black friday

while major retailers around the country were opening up before dawn–and for crying out loud why would you want to do that–Vinalhaven was having its own black friday today. The first ever! Yes, the stores on Main Street decided to participate in black friday festivities and with knowledge of these goings on, we decided to also participate–this meant an early morning alarm.

Fortunately, we happened to have some strong coffee.

We meandered the main drag, and bought a few items–no corkscrews, but items none the less.

And, after the mornings event, we retired back to the house for more coffee, as it was still early!!!

The rest of the day included visits from our electrician, a jaunt (or two) to the ARC (for coffee), a run for the lovely and the lovely sister-in-law, and a few various errands; one of which included the post office where there were a couple of packages waiting.

Inside the packages were two corkscrews and some aleppo and anchoor pepper. The aleppo and anchoor will be used in future recipes, the corkscrews on future bottles of wine!

monk-ey business

a couple of weeks ago, Petey scored a Syroco Monk for 150 bucks on a Buy it Now. The friar was a little rough looking, having clearly been battling for people’s souls since the mid forties.

And, at 150 bucks, he was still a steal. Later that evening, Peter received an email from the person whom asked for the buy it now… He apparently missed out as he was headed for a basketball game.

last night another Monk appeared on eBay, and oddly enough he too had a buy it now of 150 dollars. From the photos, he looks to be in pretty good shape… I didn’t hesitate, I clicked the button!

I think there is room at the syroco monastery for him…

I have yet to receive an email from the person whom asked for the buy it now. : ) Thanks unknown basketball-watching-BIN’er!

Feasting and another Frary

Today is a pre-Thanksgiving Feast on the island, and we will shortly be heading out to enjoy a community get-together with 150 of our closest friends. Multiple Turkeys, substantial amounts of mashed potatoes, cranberries, pies, and other good eats will be consumed!

And, whilst some of the food was being prepared this morning/afternoon an email came through with an offer of another Frary corkscrew. I haven’t seen pictures, but knowing the offer-er as I do, it will be fantastic!

It will be exciting to add another Frary to the fray, and I definitely will launch the Frary corkscrew page upon its arrival!

“…the new thing on ebay…”

So, there is one of those little German dogs on ebay with the corkscrew that folds underneath. And, while this one does look like the worm is tipped, it is certainly a nice piece if you don’t already have one. They also sell fairly well, and I happened upon this listing today and thought the Q & A section was fairly amusing.

Q: This is super & would make a great present for Mom. How about a buy it now for $65.00 so I can get it in time? Please let me know asap so I can find something else should you decline. Thanks, Hilary

A: You’ve got time if you pay promptly, I promise. This is an auction only, see my other answers. Regards.

Q: cute. how about a buy it now of 35-50 bucks

A: This must be the new thing on eBay, try to get the guy to sell it without going for the auction. Sorry, but I’ve decided to auction it. Regards

Q: Hi, How about a 50.00 Buy It Now? Thx!

A: It’s an auction.

It would seem to me that "Hilary" had the best approach–although I have a feeling "Hilary" is a pseudonym, and the BIN’er is actually someone else (not me bytheway). Play on the seller’s sense of familial obligation…good work!!!

As far as non-binned corkscrews go, I received the Curley today and it is fantastic!!! The carved dragon is on its way, and the poison corkscrew will be shipped tomorrow!

poison corkscrew

I just got off the phone with a corkscrew-contact who confirmed a corkscrew deal made on my behalf at an undisclosed location. Big-time secret clandestine spy stuff (shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone).

The corkscrew is an interesting poison indicator corkscrew, and will be a welcome addition to the growing medicine/poison corkscrew collection.

While there is no dangling skull (surely that would hurt) on this corkscrew, could it be a version of the 1890 Bailey poison saftey alarm patent?

If you look closely at the corkscrew’s markings, they have a similar look when comparing them to the advertisement.

Any thoughts out there??? Does anyone have the Bailey’s WITH the hanging skull? Is this the patent?

let the torching begin!

Today will involve a boat trip to the mainland to pick up some needed supplies for the main street building. With the bricks down, now begins the cutting/dismantling of the steel. So, I am headed over to pick up some oxygen for the torch.

After a few other errands, it will be back on the boat, and back to the island. And, tomorrow, the torching will begin. (it has crossed my mind, that I might be able to make corkscrews out of the cut up steel… more on this should I start wanting to sell them)

No major corkscrew news to report, except that there are a few deals in the works. If any of them come to fruition, I will report back.