adding to the best 6, and back on the island

The lovely and I got back today from the mainland. It was a great weekend starting with a conference on sustainability, followed by a great dinner with friends, and then last night was a cooking class at a local winery (yes, we have them in Maine) with a chef from a local restaurant; a great time!!!!

As far as corkscrews go, I did manage to pick up a corkscrew destined to be part of the best 6 of the year.

2 down, 4 to go : )

double dragon and vault updates

I managed to work a deal for an interesting corkscrew the other day. Not a rare patent, but cool none the less. Featuring a double dragon ivory handle, it will make for a nice addition to the carved corkscrew collection.

For those wondering how the demolition is going on the building. We are officially done with jackhammering through the bricks, and on Monday, we will be ready to start dismantling (I get to use a torch!!!) the steel insert from the previously brick encased vault.

As soon as that is complete, there will be a little more jackhammering, and then we can start the actual renovations!

Off to Boston for a couple of days…

The lovely bride and I are heading down to Boston for a couple of days.

Dinner with friends, a little wine, and then the Rob Thomas concert. It should be a fantastic time!

No major corkscrew news as of the moment. I did receive the meat cleaver with corkscrew in handle, and I was informed that the Gundlach corkscrew WILL arrive shortly : )

Also, I am currently working on a page for the website that will feature Frary corkscrews. If you have any one of these (or any that look similar) and want to part with them, please drop me a line.

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today…”

And, so Wimpy’s famous tag line went…

Okay, Josef, where are you going with this?, you might be asking yourself…

Well, whilst perusing eBay for a couple of minutes today, I ran across a "Hamburger" corkscrew. And, I decided to pick it up as it was just interesting enough.

I did ask the person if they would allow me to pay them on Tuesday for the corkscrew, but they apparently failed to see the humor in the request.

I bought it anyway.

Advertising "THE HAMBURGER CO., CHICAGO" and "IMPROVED CREAM OF HOPS" it will make a nice addition to the collection

p.o. box discoveries…

Well, I kind of expected to have a great picture to share today; one of the Gundlach corkscrew which was supposed to be arriving. But, I went to the post office box today, to find… well… nothing! Yes, the sender of the Gundlach piece has still not quite gotten the corkscrew to me yet. I am sure he will get around to it eventually, but given his track record…

So, for those of you expecting to see a fabulous corkscrew, I really do apologize. It would have been here:

Perhaps it will arrive tomorrow…

I am NOT collecting meat cleavers

No… I am really not. But, every so often a cleaver comes along that one must simply have. For those that have it handy, open O’Leary to page 114. And, then take a look a this:

A nice addition to the Clough corkscrew collection, this cleaver has a clough wire corkscrew inserted in the end of the handle!

Now, I do have another knife/cleaver with a Clough corkscrew in the handle, but I am NOT collecting cleavers!

This latest find probably won’t make the best 6 of 2010, but a nice addition to the collection.