corkscrew update

I looked through screwbase yesterday, and managed to find the C.H. CO. No1 Original Package corkscrew, but instead of C.H. the name on the blade is S.H…

So, now the question is, who was S.H. Co? And, what is "ORIGINAL PACKAGE"?

The lovely and I are off to the mainland this morning! Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!

how did I miss this???

I was doing a search on past eBay corkscrew listings this morning, and ran across a rare 1871 Louis Jenner patent corkscrew. How did I miss this???

I hate it when that happens…!

Given that I missed out on this little corkscrew, if you happen to have a Jenner patent that you would like to send me to ease my pain, feel free!


So, no sooner did I post the picture of the carriage key corkscrew, when another email came through from the aforementioned "random-corkscrew-offerer." And, now this little celluloid guy will be thrown into a box, and shipped off to Vinalhaven. At first glance, I thought he was a fisherman, but could this perhaps be a celluloid corkscrewteer?

I should mention that none of the corkscrewteers are that rotund, and rarely do any of us wear outfits like that. But he does look somewhat corkscrewteer-ish nonetheless.

On a non-corkscrew note, it is dumping snow here on the island, and Peter (not Borrett) just stopped by with a couple of pounds of fresh scallops that he went diving for over the last few days. How cool is that!!!

small things

Every once in a while, I get an email from some random person who asks for information regarding a corkscrew (or two). And, more often than not, I share any information that I have on the corkscrew(s) and soon enough the same piece is listed on eBay. This doesn’t really bother me, but it is nice when said random person decides to offer the corkscrew to me first!

Yesterday was such an occasion, and after a couple of emails, a lovely carriage key / corkscrew bow will be heading to Vinalhaven. Not a rare piece, but it will be a welcome addition to the collection. Thanks random-corkscrew-offerer! Keep hunting for others!!!