corkscrews (really, no kidding)

The lovely and I are in Boston this week, and as fortune would have it, the Concord Antiques Show was this weekend. So, I headed over and checked things out yesterday. And, there WAS a corkscrew at the show. Unfortunately it was overpriced and common.

I then headed into the village of Concord where there are a couple of antique stores, and there also were corkscrews. Unfortunately, they were overpriced and relatively common.

So, no corkscrews were purchased at the show or at the antique shops. Maybe today will net out a great find.

Speaking of finds, I found this sign recently near a medical office in Maine. And, I find it rather amusing. The sign explains, that when you sneeze, "sneeze into arm." The problem is, it doesn’t say whose arm you should sneeze into. Undoubtedly this will lead to a rash of individuals grabbing the nearest elbow they can find–oftentimes the elbow belonging to an unsuspecting victim–and sharing their germs.

As for me, I have taken to holding my arms very close to my body when in the vicinity of this particular sign, or if someone is walking by with a potential runny nose.