“call it…a hunch. ba-dum-chi!”

Or so goes the Marty Feldman quote from Young Frankenstein…

Yes… a hunch; a chance. A relatively educated guess if you will.

Last night, I was just getting back from rehearsal (a story for another day) when I happened over to the computer and checked email–and eBay–and the 14th item down from the top was a selection of barware, with a buy it now. However, the photo doesn’t really show much detail of the items.

I looked closely at the photo–or as the case was, as close as possible with a poor photo–and could make out a familiar outline. Or, were my eyes deceiving me.

I went back to the eBay listing, and looked again. The shape was familiar… Even though it seemed to be covered by another item.

It looks as if some random piece of barware is lying right across what looks to be a dog corkscrew, but not any dog corkscrew… I quickly grabbed any and all photos that I had of Hagenauer corkscrews (preferably real ones)

Could it be…?

It is a hunch after all, so I could be completely wrong, but it looks to be a Hagenauer dog corkscrew. And, given the price of the entire lot of stuff included, it is worth taking a chance!

And, well… I might as well go for it! So, I clicked the buy it now, and soon enough we will know for sure. Hagenauer? or Not Hagenauer… was my hunch right? What do you think?