back from Portland, and the camel!

The lovely bride and I are back from a fantastic evening in Portland, Maine.

It was a fabulous time, and tomorrow we get back to work on the building–what has happened on it recently? Well, the vault was completely destroyed! Jackhammers and torches took care of that. And, now the subfloor has been ripped up, stringers replaced, and we are in the process of insulating and replacing the subfloor. This will be followed by repair of the roof, new walls, electrical, plumbing, and finally the facade. If all goes well, the wine store–which will be housed therein, will be open by May 1!!!!!

Speaking of wine (and corkscrews) , the camel arrived and it is quite handsome! He will definitely be making the best 6 of the year!

And, there is rumor of a Frary trade. More on that if it comes to fruition!


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