fifth in a series…

What? 5th? Hmmmmm…..

Yes, fifth.

It has been 4 years running that a Barnes patent corkscrew–or variation of the esteemed Mr. Joshua Barnes’ patents–has made the best 6 of the year. And, to be perfectly frank, I do seek these little guys out. Seeking doesn’t always pay off mind you, but I do keep my eyes open for the telling shape.

And, last week there was a lot of corkscrews listed on eBay–not a lot, meaning many–a collection of corkscrews in a single lot. And, therein was an interesting little Barnes corkscrew; a version of the patent that Williamson sold. That said, I think it definitely fits within the Barnes patent family.

So, I put the item on my watch list, and noticed that slowly the listing’s price was creeping up. Not hard to do, given the ninety-five cent opening bid. Given there were bids, and no buy it now option, I did have time to search around for a reference for the piece. I had seen this before referred to as a Barnes, and ultimately Screwbase confirmed this.

With this information, I placed a snipe bid, and as of this morning’s email/coffee session, I had won the auction and the Barnes will be heading to the collection.

Now, there are three other Barnes’ corkscrews (perhaps four) that I am still after. One is a folding bow that has a collar–much like the Jopson patent, one is a single finger pull with double helix as shown in O’Leary page 41, and finally in the patent drawings there is shown a double helix folding bow. As far as I know, no one has ever seen one of these. The fourth?, I am not sure, but you never know what will turn up!!!!

For now, we have number 5…and, this may call for a Joshua Barnes Corkscrews page on the website. I will update the blog once it is up and running. And, if you have a Barnes Patent–or variation of a Barnes patent–or any catalog references or information about Mr. Barnes and his corkscrews that you wish to share, I will gladly add it to the page and give you credit. Or, alternatively, I will gladly trade for the corkscrews/info.