unusual bow and heading to Boston

The lovely and I are heading to Boston for a couple of days, but I will be remaining in contact as the trusty laptop is going with.

On to corkscrews! For the longest time, I have been intrigued by a simple bow corkscrew that resembles a belt buckle. And, Peter has one on his website for some time.

And, while I could have forked over the money for it, I always assumed that eventually it would simple come to me in part of a trade.

Well, as luck would have it, I picked a small lot of corkscrews on eBay the other day, and a remarkably similar corkscrew was contained therein.

I was quite excited to be getting this little package of corkscrews, and then…I opened the box.

Apparently the seller, or someone that the seller bought these items from previously had decided to coat the bow in black paint. It is a fantastic finish on the item, quite pretty really, but when we get back from Boston, a few chemicals and a little elbow grease will hopefully unveil the original unpainted corkscrew underneath the black.


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