No pictures yet, but I did find a little corkscrew as the lovely drove down the Maine coast yesterday. Nothing outrageous, or rare, but it was a neat little find. A simple havell’s bow. It is rather small however, and instead of being marked on the curved edge, it is instead marked across the wide/flat edge of the bow.

RL and I ran across one of these when he was visiting, but we both thought that the asking price was quite high. This one, well, it was cheap! : )

And, there may be another, yes another Frary coming my way. Having put up the webpage for Frary, has definitely gotten a few collectors rifling through their collections.

Perhaps I should build a site for Tuckers, Sperrys, Dicksons, Russells, or for that matter, Red Painted Syroco Clowns (check out Tommy’s blog!).

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