On the Hoegger Hunt!

A while back at Brimfield, I ran across an old bar counter that was for sale, to which a Hoegger corkscrew was attached. The bar was $9,000.00. The corkscrew, wasn’t for sale unless you bought the bar. I tried working a deal with the seller, and he told me to come back later. I returned with a screwdriver and a wad of cash. He decided the corkscrew should remain mounted to the bar. And, I walked away empty handed.

Since then, I have been trying to find a Hoegger corkscrew. Not that I am going around looking behind people’s bars for them. Although, that isn’t a bad idea.

Yesterday, I did manage to score a Hoegger however. It wasn’t attached to a bar, and a screwdriver wasn’t necessary. And, neither was a wad of money!

It isn’t the same Hoegger patent from Brimfield, but it is a Hoegger patent. It will make a nice addition to the growing American Patented corkscrew collection.

The picture doesn’t do the piece justice, but the seller did confirm that it is marked. Better pics of Joseph Hoegger’s 1934 patent (#1,975,606) will be posted when it arrives in a couple of days!

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