Given our proximity to Boston, although now we are less proximate than in a previous locale, I have been fortunate to find a fair amount of R. Murphy Boston corkscrews. However, there was one that I just couldn’t find–the wooden handled frame Murphy. Well, after a couple of emails, a trade has been made, and the corkscrew I have been after, will soon be arriving on Vinalhaven.

And, soon enough, I will be adding a Murphy page to the website. Stay tuned for the launch. Until then, here is an excerpt from a 1936 text I found about Mansfield, MA, and it mentions Murphy and Corkscrews!

“Before the Murphys came to Our Town they had been making dental and surgical instruments in Boston since 1848. Here they continued along the same line for a time. Soon they added a great variety of find cutlery, oyster knives, shoe knives, paperhanger’s knives, cigarmaker’s knives, pruning shears, buttonhole cutters, tabacco shears, pinking irons, butter tryers, can openers, cork screws, cigar box openers and skates (Copeland, 1936, p. 107).

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