Tommy scores, and negotiations have begun

Tommy called yesterday, and I got to meet (over speakerphone) his significant other. Not that she is REALLY his significant other, but apparently these two are attached at the hip, and at her urging, they went antiquing yesterday. And, what should they find, but a signed Will & Finck ivory handled corkscrew with blade. It looks to be an awesome piece!

And, while Tommy found a great corkscrew, I made a HUGE find. Not that it is as rare as Tommy’s W & F, but it is bigger.

Yes, I finally found another oversized bell corkscrew. My last one found its way into Milt Becker’s collection–a Walker, with large bell. This one is a Williamson with the oversized bell assist. Not common, and if negotiations go as planned, this will be a nice addition to the corkscrew collection!

Hopefully, I will finally be able to open those 6 litre bottles of wine that are laying around!

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