Updates from the JFO

The JFO is off and running, and over the first day there was much room to room trading, a few purchases, and a few sales. There aren’t as many corkscrews about as in the past, but there ARE some. And, within a few minutes of meeting up with John Stanley, we had made a trade.

An absolutely mint-out-of-the-box-perfect Clough Power Cone. It is unmarked, but the finish is unbelievable. Definitely the corkscrew of the meeting thus far.

We got a tip from one of the beer guys, that there were several corkscrews that he had seen at an antique shop 45 minutes away. Tommy and hopped in the car, and headed out. We got there, and there were corkscrews. However, the prices were crazy high. Tommy was not pleased!

With a few more stores to hit, we proceeded onward. No corkscrews in any of the stores worth buying, but fellow JFOer’s would soon be arriving… We headed back to the hotel. Tommy picked up 3 of those slide corkscrews that have the folding corkscrew (M-73’s in JFO language), and I picked up one.

This one is a souvenir of Miami Beach, and the finish is fantastic.

After a little more room to room, we went out to pick up some provisions. Walking seemed like the thing to do, until it started pouring.

Tommy was NOT happy!

We made it back to the room, and after drying off, headed back to the group room where a few more trades were made. Then off to dinner, and a few more trades and sales after that.

What will today bring, we don’t know yet. However, I am sure we can find a corkscrew that will make Tommy happy!

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