Updates from the JFO meeting, and a nice offer

The meeting has been quite entertaining thus far, but this morning Tommy and I decided to do a little freestylin’ and headed to the Antique Alley. This is an event a significant distance way from San Antonio, but we figured, there HAS to be some corkscrews there. So, early this morning we started driving, and eventually made it to Grandview Texas—where 25 Miles of Antiques were supposedly going to make up the "Antique Alley."

Alley? yes, Antiques? not so much.

Yes, there were lots of old clothes, relatively-vintage kitchenware, children’s items, and farm implements. Not so many corkscrews. In fact, there was only one worth buying—the French version of the Woodmet Double Helix.

After surviving 25 miles of "Garage Sale," we headed back to San Antonio and hit a few antique malls along the way. I picked up an unusual beer opener, which ultimately was traded for a really interesting clough sheath corkscrew: interesting insofar as, the clough sheath has graphics of the clough decapitator in use. Definitely cool!

It was a terrific adventure, although both Tommy and I are thinking that corkscrews in Texas is an oxymoron.

On another note, I was made a nice offer the other day through email. And, after responding in the affirmative that I was interested, pictures of 9 corkscrews were sent to my attention. Of the 9, only 2 really suit my fancy, and these are already enroute to the humble abode on Vinalhaven.

Tomorrow we head to Shiner TX for a breweriana show. Perhaps there will be one or two items to pick up there.

Here are the additions thus far (the latest include a pewter wine barrel tap, double helix clough’s patent Anheuser Busch double helix, Haff patent with button and those acquired earlier). More tomorrow!!!


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