“the green one…”

At the JFO, Tommy and I were going from room to room negotiating deals to buy corkscrews and openers, sell corkscrews and openers, and trade corkscrews and openers. During this bopping around, it was pretty clear that Tommy has an affinity for L1 openers. These are miniature cans made in West Germany that generally carry an advertisement for beer, and after pushing a button on the top of the can, a little bottle opener pops out the opposite end.

Here is an example:

And, Tommy has quite a collection of them. As we went hunting for more, I kept hearing the same question from the various collectors present at the meeting.

Do you have, "the green one," referring to a Miller Beer opener which usually comes in gold, but has apparently been found in a different color. The green Miller apparently is rather illusive.

So, given that Tommy is on the hunt for these little things. And, knowing he is always up for a trade, I started my quest. Could I unearth, "the green one."

Well, the unearthing was short lived, as by the time Tommy and I left the hotel and arrived in Shiner, Texas for a breweriana show, a deal was done. And, the green Miller beer L1 was enroute to Vinalhaven.

Not as rare as a Blue Ross Pig, but certainly trade worthy. Perhaps Tommy will bring some rarity with a corkscrew attached when he comes out for Brimfield in a couple of weeks, and we can make a trade.

Here is a picture of "the green one," next to the more common gold Miller.

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