William Johnson

As often I am want to do, I recently was perusing the pages of Fred O’Leary’s book. And, every once in a while, there will be a corkscrew upon which I become fixated.

Quite frankly, it never ceases to amaze me that some of these little things simply don’t turn up. Surely there has to be one of those, or that one, or this one hidden amongst some common openers at the local antique shop. But, of course, there isn’t. The hidden one of those, one of these, or that one inevitably ends up being as common as the rest.

Well, one of those ones that I have never been able to find is now heading for the collection. It is William Johnson’s 1930 patent #1,779,170. Marked PAT. JAN 19, 1926 (from an earlier patent), this might make the best 6!

On the other hand, you never know what will turn up next? : )

For now, I will anxiously await its arrival. And, go back to reading more pages of O’Leary hoping for the next rarity to show up.

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