signed, sealed, delivered.

So, I headed to the mainland yesterday to do a little grocery shopping, and hit a couple of antique stores. And, as luck would have it, two of the dealers suggested I talk to a third dealer who happened to have a corkscrew.

I headed over.

Unfortunately, the corkscrew had been spoken for. However, the buyer had yet to pick it up.

Reluctantly, the dealer pulled it out of a drawer and showed it to me.

It was awesome!!!

An early carved scrimshaw corkscrew of a harbor seal. This had to be going home with me.

As the conversation continued, we discussed whether the person who asked to put it on hold was a corkscrew collector. He thought that they may not ultimately want it, and took my name and number. And, next week we shall know for sure. The price that he was asking wasn’t bad.

I wanted it though. Hmmmmm….

I hit a couple more antique stores, and then thought. Well, if one customer "says" they are interested and asks for them to "hold" the corkscrew, and if another customer walks in with cold hard cash…

I went back to the store.

I walked in, wad of cash in hand, and suggested that he may want to sell it to me.

Much to my chagrin, he explained that the other person was a good customer, and I would have to wait. So, the seal, which is unsigned, was also undelivered. It remains in the drawer at the shop.

And, hopefully, it will be heading to the island next week. I mean, it shouldn’t remain landlocked in someone else’s collection!!!