The countdown to Brimfield!, and the lovely adds to her collection

It is May 1st, and in 6 days Tommy arrives in Portland, where I will pick him up and head back to the island. A couple of days on Vinalhaven (lobster, halibut, wine, etc…) and then we had down for Brimfield. What will be found this time around, time will only tell.

A giant box filled with corkscrews arrived yesterday, and while I opened and un-bubblewrapped each one, the lovely bride apparently found one to her liking. And, so a very nice stag handled Henshall, with fluted worm and ornate shank has been added to her collection.

I don’t know when exactly it happened, but her love of Sterling corkscrews has been expanded to include a whole lot of other nice things…

Out of that same box, an interesting lead handled Clough emerged. It has advertising on the handle, and I have yet to see another lead handled Clough with any markings. This one reads, "C.JOLY PHILA" on both sides of the handle, and "DOMINO WHISKEY" on the ends of the handle.

And, I have listed 10 corkscrews on eBay. Some interesting stuff ripe for the taking given that the ICCA auctions conclude tomorrow.