Frary-ian Destiny

In an interesting turn of events, a Frary direct pull corkscrew with decorative handle was listed on eBay last week. Inundated with offers, the seller stopped the auction, and apparently decided to do a little research.

This same corkscrew reappeared Sunday with a buy it now or best offer price of 275.00.

Some of the boys were watching this, and were poised to take it at 275, with thoughts that I would want it, or might trade for it. However, it remained on all Sunday night, and into Monday morning. I looked closely at the photos, and decided to make an offer.

There were three other offers !

After looking at the photos again, I wondered if the piece might have been missing its bell. And, with this question in the back of my mind, I retracted my offer, and re-offered at a lower price.

Having exchanged emails regarding the corkscrew with the seller, I explained my concern. Still, perhaps the lower price would take it.

Shortly after making my offer, I got an email from RL. He asked if I "got it" for 215. I explained that it wasn’t me. And over a phone call discussed the concerns of the corkscrew, and various other corkscrewing issues.

That said, if the piece is right, it is a nice deal at 215. If it is missing something, 215 is a bit high. But, until someone has it in their hot little hands, how can we really know. Oh well, it went to someone else.

Or, did it…. : )

As luck would have it, Tommy ended up being the winning offer-er, and emailed this morning asking if I was interested in it.

I have proposed a little trade material–Syroco Catalogs and other Ephemera to be exact. And, if the corkscrew arrives before Thursday afternoon, it looks like he will bring it with him for his upcoming Vinalhaven/Brimfield visit.

I may have to throw something else in, but the catalogs date to 1908 and 1934, and are very cool.

So… if this is indeed NOT missing its bell, it will make for a nice addition to the Frary Collection . If it is missing its bell, it will still be a nice addition, as it will help to show Frary’s handy work.

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