Seals, Lobsters, and Corkscrewteers

Yesterday, I hopped on the boat, and drove down to pick up Tommy. While making the drive, I received a phone call from an antique dealer, who explained that the Seal corkscrew mentioned a couple of days ago, was available. I promised to pick it up on my way back to the island later that afternoon.

Like clockwork, I parked the car at the airport, Tommy arrived, his bags arrived, and we were in the mini heading back up the coast. But, given we had a little time on our our hands, we decided to hit a few antique stores along the way. And, at the first stop, Tommy picked up a Converse patent for a song (not that he actually sang).

A few miles later, we met up with the seal dealer. I handed him the cash, and he handed me the seal. It is definitely an early carving, probably done by some sailor. Definitely ivory, and remarkably cool.

We hit a few more antique stores along the way (sold some corkscrews to one guy) and then hopped on the boat.

Meanwhile, JD–our lobstering neighbor–swung by with tonight’s dinner. And, the lovely wanted to make sure Tommy had a proper welcome, and sent this photo to my iphone (I am assuming it was Sue that sent it, it could have been the lobsters)

On to the building. Island Spirits officially opened yesterday, and the place was hopping. We only got back to the V-Haven at 6 pm, but we heard the wine, bread, and cheese were flying off the shelves.