evening one of Brimfield

While, technically last night was evening one; as we were in the vicinity of Brimfield. Today we walked the fields, and began the corkscrew hunt.

In short order a couple of corkscrews were purchased, and we were again on our way. A roundlet here, a folding bow there, nothing truly rare, but nice pieces still.

In one field, after being corralled like cattle, the appointed time arrived and we began the stampede. After wading through the aftermath, I happened upon a Rotary Eclipse. I had it in my hands, thought over the price, and even talked them down a little. Still, the Eclipse remains with the sellers; even after I alerted the entire corkscrew community of its presence. And, when I say community, I mean community. All the usual suspects were meandering the fields; Barry Taylor, Mike Gordon, Ken Cameron, Tommy, Flavious, me, Bob Wilson, and Ron Cuttajar to name a few.

In the next field, we all meandered the aisles, and I picked up a greeley, picnic kit with corkscrew, and a couple of simple direct pulls. Then, as I was pretty much done, and knowing we would soon be meeting up to head back to the hotel, I walked one more aisle. A seller who recognized me, told me he had a corkscrew, and I walked over to the table. Soon, I was looking at an Anri Bar set, that was surrounded by about 20 anri mechanical corkers. He looked at me, and said, No, I mean this one; holding up a simple mechanical corkscrew.

I told him thanks, and then continued to examine the anri, the stands they sat upon, the bar set, the other pieces he had. And, being a rather cooperative dealer, explained to me that he was selling the entire lot of anri for one price. I paused to hear what the price was.

After hearing his number, I looked again at the pieces. He was much lower than the lot should sell for. So, I did what any responsible corkscrewteer would do, I asked for a better price. And, he agreed.

As, I was reaching for my money clip, who should appear but Tommy. I whispered what the deal was, and he simply nodded. Then, I offered him to go in half. Looking for a moment at the lot, he reached for his wallet.

Pictures of the corkscrew and anri finds tomorrow. And, we head back to the fields for more antiquing in the morning. What will turn up next?????