back from Brimfield

We left Brimfield on Thursday, dropped Tommy off at the Airport, and headed towards Maine. The final field for us at Brimfield was nice, and a couple of finds were there to be had. However, there was one dealer that still leaves me baffled.

I meandered around, and stopped by the dealer’s booth. And, asked if he had any corkscrews. He said he did, that he had recently purchased a small collection, and they were in his truck–which was behind him. However, he also explained that he didn’t feel like digging them out at the moment.

I said I would come back later, and see if he had gotten to them. I searched the rest of the field, purchasing this and that, and went back to the aforementioned dealer. He had a similar response when I asked again. I explained that there were at least half a dozen corkscrew collectors walking the field, and he could make a fair amount of money depending on what was in the collection. He explained his space was limited as was his time.


You take the time to come to Brimfield. You have a truck that looks to have 6 boxes in the back of it, and you have buyer in front of you (if not others) who is willing to give you money for what is in the box, and you don’t want to turn around and pull it out for them. Isn’t selling the point of going to Brimfield if you are a dealer?


Really… he wouldn’t retrieve the box.

That all said, given the find from the previous day, I decided not to wrestle him to the ground whilst another collector grabbed the box and rifled through it looking for treasured openers. I am sure that would have been frowned upon.

Even without the box being retrieved, it was a fabulous few days meandering around looking for corkscrews, sharing corkscrews stories and finds, and hanging with the boys.

More Brimfield pictures later, as well as pictures of a couple of other purchases…

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