Who knew?

Okay, so I will have to confess, I have thumbed through the Kenneth Cope book on kitchen collectibles many many many times. And, I am prone to study the pages which feature corkscrews–which there are a bunch.

And, of course, I tend to return to the pages which feature James D. Frary corkscrews repeatedly.

This morning however, I noticed an image of a Frary Lemon Squeezer for the first time, and suddenly it dawned on me. The ribbed handled direct pull that is often thought of as a Williamson/Barnes is not a Williamson at all. Nor is it a knock off of the Barnes patent. Instead the shape of the handle is identical to that on the Frary Lemon Squeezer.

At first, I thought it was merely coincidence, and then I compared the ribbed handled corkscrew to that of a known Frary corkscrew.

The worm, the shank, it is simply too similar not to have been produced by the same company. And, now with the catalog image from K. Cope’s book, it seems the corkscrew has been misidentified. And, it is instead a Frary corkscrew.