the one that got away…

There was a fantastic henshall button Frary corkscrew that ended yesterday. And, I had been watching it for the entire week it was listed.

Not, that I didn’t do anything else this week but watch the corkscrew, but I was keeping an eye on it.

And, had I not been keeping an eye on it, there were others who were watching it for me. Email reminders from various collectors around the world, were updating me on the current bid, that it was ending soon, and making sure that I was on top of the auction.

It pays to have friends out there!

So, with a few hours to go, I was long out bid (my first bid being about 20 bucks).

I had already placed a snipe midweek, and saw that the current bid was above that. I had to think, how much is this thing really worth to me, and what will win it.

The very tip of the corkscrew is missing, so that tempered my enthusiasm a bit. Still, it is pretty cool. I adjusted my snipe bid, and waited.

Actually, I didn’t wait. I just went about my business, mowing the lawn, running errands, and the like. And, happened to sit down at the computer with 3 minutes to go. The high bid was several hundred below my snipe, and I hoped for the best. With 7 seconds to go, it was still hovering below my snipe, and then at 5 seconds the price shot up.

And, for those that have emailed asking. No… I didn’t get it!

No, this one went to our Romanian friend whose pockets are deep! Really Deep! The Frary went for 1200+ dollars! And, no, I wasn’t the underbidder. Whoever that was, also was in the 1200 range. No, I wasn’t even in the ballpark. Heck, I wasn’t even near the "pass out gate." (that was a Candlestick Park reference for those of you who are Giant’s fans).

After a few emails and phone calls of shock and disbelief over the selling price, it is back to hunting for other corkscrews. Eventually, I will find one of these little guys, and hopefully the price will be significantly lower.